You Know Where

Where: 815 Shannon Drive, Fayetteville NC 28303
  Time: 8pm - 3am for VIP members
           9pm - 3am for basic members

We do have places you may use to change into your outfit after you arrive and lockers available for you to store your things in. Dressing up is encouraged but not required.

Lap dances will be given at midnight for anyone that has a birthday or anniversary for the month of September.

Wrap a sheet around your body exposing as much or as little as you like and underwear is always optional. Dress as Caesar, Cleopatra, any other famous person you can think of that wore a toga, or just as you.

YKW is a member's only club and we average around 80 - 100 couples every party.
If you do not have a YKW membership then click
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Remember the more people that sign up the more likely it is that others will sign up and attend the party, this will then give you more people to meet and have fun with.

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