Basic membership to YKW is only $10 a year per couple. Single females and any escorted single males must also become a member, which is also $10 per year. Under North Carolina state law we are required to charge a membership fee per year in order for us to be considered a private member only social club. To help offset this cost we do offer a onetime only $10 off coupon, for all couples to our club, which you can use on your entry fee that you may find here.

North Carolina law also requires that everyone who wishes to be a member must fill out the membership application. Membership applications are only done at the club using our computers during normal club hours. You may fill out a form, join, and attend a party all in the same night with no waiting.

If you would like to be a member of our club you must fill out a membership and agreement form. You also understand that no photography is allowed, no illegal drugs are allowed, and that you will not make anyone's identity known to the general public.

Everyone that wishes to be a member of our club must show proper ID and sign this form, absolutely no one will be allowed to be a member or enter without signing this form. The membership and agreement form is designed to protect you and your identity.

When you do join our club you are encouraged to read the membership form if you have any concerns, so that you will feel more comfortable knowing that your identity will remain safe.


1. YKW membership card.

2. One free membership card replacement per year if you ever lose your membership card.

3. Discounts to other businesses - We have several businesses that we are partnered with
    that give any YKW card carrying member a special discount, all you have to do is just
    show your card. 

4. Free water & soft drinks.

5. Free food.

6. Free use of our daily lockers.

7. Free access to all private rooms.

8. Free use of all club rooms and equipment.

9. A chance to win great door prizes, over the years we have given out door prizes that
    range from free party passes, a wide variety of adult toys, $200 his and her matching
    watches, cash prizes, lifestyle convention packages to Myrtle Beach, trips to lifestyle
    resorts in California, 3 day passes to swingfest in Miami, and trips to HEDO in Jamaica.

10. Free membership to our other club locations. When you become a member at one club you will have free basic membership to any other club we            have.

Basic membership will give you a special YKW membership card so that you do not have to continue to fill out a membership and agreement form every time you come to YKW. 

After your yearly $10 membership fee, you only pay for the entry fee, which is $40 contribution per couple (not per person), $5 per single female, and $30 per escorted single male with a couple that makes a reservation and provides a three first names of those attending, 5 max (single males are not allowed by themselves on Saturday) $50 per single male on Friday. We are also a BYOB party so you can bring your own alcoholic drinks if you wish, limited to beer and wine only, no hard alcohol allowed.