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YKW is open every Saturday night for couples and single females
9pm - 3am for basic members
8pm - 3am for VIP members

For the most part we are open every Saturday night no matter what, however in rare cases we may be closed on a Saturday for either a major holiday or bad weather; so it is always a good idea to check our events calendar to keep up to date.

Every Friday for couples, single females, and single males

9pm - 2am for all members

The only exception to our Friday party is if falls on a certain holiday or event like NYE, in this case our Friday party is limited to couples and females only.


YKW does not have a strict dress code as we like to give everyone the freedom to dress the way they like. 

However we do suggest that you dress to impress, let's face it we are all here to make new friends. If you look like you have not recently taken a shower, worked outside in the hot sun all day, or rolled around in the mud with your clothes on you will most likely be sitting by yourself wondering why no one wants to talk to you.

We suggest that you either dress nicely, in club wear, sexy, slutty, casual, nude, or in one of our many themed night outfits.

We strongly suggest that at the very least you have good personal hygiene (take a shower, comb your hair, brush your teeth, etc.) Doing these things will greatly increase your chances of meeting other people and making new friends.

You are allowed to be as comfortable as you wish and dress anyway you would like. Some couples will leave their house dressed in one outfit and then change into something else when they arrive at the club. 

We also have lockers with lock and key, free of charge that you may use to store you things in.


Saturday party:

The following information is for current members. YOU MUST BE A MEMBER TO ATTEND OUR PARTY. To learn how to become a YKW member so that you may attend our club please click here. We currently only except cash. 

  • Couples Cost - Entrance fee to YKW is $40 per couple (m/f), not $40 per person.  Couples do not have to be married.

  • Couples With Single Male (With Reservations) - $40 for the couple and $30 for the escorted single male. However, this is only if the couple made a reservation and informed us by phone, text, or email before the party starts that they are bringing a single male. 


  • Couples With Single Male (No Reservations) - $40 for the couple and $100 for the escorted single male that is with another couple that did not make a reservation. We know this price is high but the reason behind it is to prevent any single men from just meeting couples in the parking lot and trying to talk them into escorting them into the club.


  • Single Females - $10 for single ladies. Single ladies may either be by themselves, with another couple, or as a f/f couple. 


  • Single Males by themselves - Not allowed on Saturday night, Friday night $50. Single men (meaning by yourself, not married or single) may not attend by themselves on our Saturday parties, for more information on this please see our single male policy.

Friday party:

  • Couples and single females - It is the same as Saturday, however we do offer all couples a $20 off coupon that they can use on Saturday if they attend on Friday. This coupon is only for couples that pay full price on Friday and is only good for the next day's Saturday party. Our computer program automatical tracks this for you so you do not have to worry about asking for a coupon or for us to remember you.


  • Single men - Entrance fee to YKW is $50. Yes you are paying more than a couple but we feel that by doing this it keeps the single men more respectful as they do not want to waste $50 to get in only to break a rule and be escorted out after a few minutes. It also gives the couples and single females more peace of mind as they understand that the price keeps the number of single men to females balanced, which also improves the chances of the single men who do attend of finding someone to meet and have fun with.


If you attend a night club or a hotel party you usually have to pay a door fee to get in,  Once you are inside you have to buy all your drinks, which can be expensive, then if you're hungry you have to buy your food. Once your inside they usually only have a dance floor and some games to play and that's about it. So after you total all of that up you will most likely spend $30 - $100 just for that. 

Then if you are looking to hook up with someone you either have to go pay for a hotel room, there's another $60 - $200 depending on if you split a room, or you can go to their house, or your house. If you go to your house and things don't work out, they now know where you live. They might steal your dog or cat, or not know when to leave when the fun is over and the next thing you know you just had breakfast with them, they are now in your shower and asking you what's for lunch.

At YKW you can BYOB, so if you drink that is way cheaper than buying at a bar or club, we provide you with free water, soft drinks and food. We provide you with lockers to store you things in, we also have a dance floor but our dance floor has a shadowbox and stripper pole, where you can get free lap dances or see naked guys or girls. Unlike a regular club, ladies can dance on our floor by themselves without the fear or worry of having a bunch of unwanted guys trying to grind on her, as we have a no touching without asking policy. You can also be naked on our dance floor or anywhere else in the club for that matter. You can also see live sex shows or put on your own show without having to worry about club security to tell you to pull your pants up and go home. We also have private rooms that you can use either alone or with someone else, and we provide condoms, lube and wipes in all these rooms free of charge. And unlike the situation described above we close at 3am so you know you can go home and have your house all to yourself after you had some fun.

So after you do the math YKW is $40

Going out to a bar for a meet and greet $30 - $100

Going to a hotel party $30 - $300

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