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YKW was established in 2005 by Chris and Annette to serve as an "on premises" adult social party for people with sexually open attitudes and relationships. We started off in a small 1600 square foot house located that was specially modified for our parties just north of the Cumberland/Harnett county line on US Highway 401, Erwin NC (please note we are no longer at that location. Our first party was on March 5 2005 where we averaged only 15-17 couples every Saturday night for our first year.


By our second year (2006) we started averaging around 20-25 couples every Saturday as we kept at it and tried to get the word out to as many people as we could.




Then by year three (2007) we were now averaging around 30-35 couples every Saturday night. We made improvements to the club, added more staff and continued to spread the word. 




In year four (2008) things were really going strong and we were now averaging around 45 couples on a Saturday night with our NYE party having over 100 couples that showed up trying to get in to our little house out in the country.



As we entered our fifth year (2009) the club was still growing and we we started having around 50 couples every Saturday. We had plans to add on additions to the building but due to the county changing our zoning and forcing us to close down as our current location was not up to the requirements needed to allow the numbers we were now having, we had our last party at our original club on February 7 2009. It was hard to say good bye to this location as we had made a lot of friends and everyone really did know each other on a first name basis, as this was a very intimate setting. Even though the club was in the middle of no where with only 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, a sybian/swing room, sitting area, small kitchen and then our main floor with about 1000 sq ft. of seating and a tiny dance floor, it was home for over 3500 couples that visited us during this time.



2010 - 2011

We had a new building that was a 9000 square foot commercial building located in Fayetteville NC and spent around two months cleaning, remodeling and getting things ready for our grand reopening. We started off with a new membership program which meant we had to start our count over at 1. On December 11 2010, we had our first party in our new location where things we starting off great. We started averaging around 65 couples every Saturday and we continued to add to and upgrade our new home.Unfortunately for us after only six months in our new home the Fire Marshal said they had made a mistake and said they didn't realize the building we were in, had a middle level to the building and was as large as it was due to out dated floor plans. After trying to work things out with the Fire Marshal, the building owner and the amount of upgrades that would have to be done to the building, we just were unable to. So we had our last party in this building on November 12 2011. Again it was hard to say good bye to this location as it had a great set up, was a three story building with an overlook from the second floor to the first and some great memories as well.

2011 - 2015

We were very fortunate to find a new home just a few feet from where we were and able to have the city inspect this location to give us a final approval that this building would be up to code, sign a contract to lease the building, start construction, move everything in, pass all inspections and have all of this completed in just seven weeks so that we could have our first party on NYE December 31 2011.


We were now in an even larger 12,000 square foot commercial building and have not had any issues since that time. Over the next few years in this location we just concentrated on getting the word out to try and grow the club membership, worked on improving our parties, coming up with new ideas, and listening to what our members had to say.


In January 2016 we started to remodel the club to start making things nicer for our members. We started in the front of the club and over the course of one year we upgraded the entire club. Our members have grown as well, as of December 2016 we had over 7500 members and were averaging over 1000 new members every year.




Then in 2017 we did even more to the club by adding themes to all the rooms, redoing the floors through the entire club, upgrading furniture and decorations, and the list went on. Membership continued to grow as our Halloween and NYE parties were so popular that our 2017 NYE party had over 525 people.




Updating, remodeling and adding more things to the club continued into 2018 as we brought in more things to the club including the first every female glory hole, new sex toys, updated computer programs to make checking in current and new members faster and easier, more staff, new party ideas and tons of small changes and fixes along the way.

Our parties now averaged around 100-130 couples on a Saturday night by the beginning of 2018. Since our Halloween and NYE parties were now huge we had to change how we hold these events. We started doing online ticket sales for these parties to help control the crowd, now we sale tickets to our Halloween and NYE parties three months in advance and with a limit of 200 couples max, which we always sell out. We felt by doing this it made for a better experience for those at the party as it was not to over crowded.

As of October 2018 YKW now had over 11,500 members (85% of these members are couples which translates to 9,775 couples memberships but 19,550 people).



We are always looking to the future and what we can do to make the club better, nicer, safer, more exciting, and fun for everyone. YKW is the first club of this kind in North Carolina in a commercial setting. Our attendance has continued to grow, we now averaged around 250 people on a Saturday night, started adding an additional Friday night party as the once a month Friday party was getting too large and continued to add more features to the club. We also made additional changes with our staff, streamlined the check in process for new members, upgraded decor and kept a strong commitment on keeping the club clean.


We have had many clubs from North Carolina and other states contact us asking our advice on how to make their club better and if they could copy things we do. We have had a few other clubs that have copied us without asking, which is fine but they may want to remove YKW from their website so it is not so obvious. A few have tried to say they were affiliated with us or were our sister club. There have even been clubs that have spread lots of rumors about YKW since we first opened up that still go on to this day. We have always freely given this information about our club and even how we did it to those who have asked and we want to thank those clubs who did ask and didn't steal from us, respect goes along way and is hard to find sometimes.


We have had many of our members who had to move away to other states only to email us and tell us they did not know how good they had it at YKW, that they just assumed all clubs were like YKW not knowing that most clubs were house or hotel parties and the very few that were in a commercial building just did not meet their standards of what they were used to at YKW. We have had many couples from all over the USA and the world tell us many times how impressed they were with YKW and have asked us to open a location where they lived. We have even had people say that they did not like our club or that they wished we were back in the small house where it all first started as they preferred that more smaller intimate feel.


We are always flattered to hear people tell us how much they like YKW and we also appreciate all of our members and friends we have made over the years. We hope that everyone who visits YKW has a great time, enjoys their experience at YKW and comes back as often as they can.


With the large crowds of people that started to return to the club we decided to expand the club more and was able to acquire an additional 2,500 sq ft from the empty space of the building attached to the side of the club. We spent about six months building, cleaning, painting, decorating and more to open the new addition. The additional space gave us six more bedrooms and a full dungeon area with six play stations. We opened this new addition to the club in June 2021 and hope there is more to come in the future.


I mean come on, who doesn't want to leave their mark on this world after there gone? We hope that it is a very long way away but we would love nothing more than for YKW to live on long past our lives. From the beginning it was Chris and Annette, we have never had any partners with the club, but there have been many offers, we just felt that when you have more than two people running a business things don't work so well. I hope that I (Chris) will continue adding years and history above this legacy section and I leave my wife or the next generation to add to the section below 


We truly wish that when we are too old to run YKW or after we die (we plan on dying together laying in bed at a very old age, yes that is from the movie "the notebook", google it, or whatever you people in the future use now to look up information on the internet) that we will have found the right couple or person to pick up the torch and add more history to this web page.  More history of how the club is growing, more history of how things have improved, more history of how things are for the better for our way of life and how our lifestyle is now accepted by society. More history of how YKW is continuing to be a place that people enjoy going too, more history of people making new friends and just a lot more history.

The purpose of our parties is to provide a place that is more than a traditional "swing club". It is an adult social party, a place where people are free to explore their sexuality in a fun, but safe social setting without pressure.

The Future 

...? Just wait and see.


The majority of our couples are between the ages of 30 - 45 and our second largest age group is 21 - 30.  If you are not in this age group don't worry we have all age groups represented at our club and everyone is welcomed. 

We also have many couples from a variety of different work backgrounds. Everyone from doctors, nurses, lawyers, military, firemen, off duty police officers, paramedics, public safety, computer programmers, teachers, radio personalities, managers, labor, farmers, construction workers, retail workers, pilots, fast food workers, self employed, adult industry, and more. Over the last several years we have had every job you can think of that someone could have come to our club. We welcome everyone no matter what their job or income and keep your identity and privacy secure.


Our main social floor is over 6000 square feet and includes the following.

  • Tours - Personal tours are given to every new member so that you know where everything is located, who to go to if you need something, and what all the rules are.

  • Cabana Beds - Cabanas are located on the main floor so you can play, watch, hang out with friends or just relax, these are also fully stocked.

  • Huge Wooden Dance Floor - 30x26 dance floor with lights and videos for you to dance all night.

  • Live DJ - That plays line dance, slow songs, top 40, rock, country, grind, sexual, club, party music and takes requests.

  • Locker Room -  Lockers with lock and key provided to store your personal things.

  • Shadowbox - Dance, strip, have sex or who knows what you might see, people will only see your shadow and have to guess who is in there.

  • Two Stripper Poles - One on the main floor for those that like a large audience and one in the back sitting area for a more intimate show.

  • Game Room - Pool table, and arcade games.

  • Dungeon Room - With a professional Dom for those that are curious about BDSM. For those that have experience you are free to use it as well, just make sure to bring your own toys.

  • Smoker’s Room - Fully enclosed so you do not have to go outside, and well ventilated.

  • 20 Foot Long Buffet - With food throughout the night.

  • Soda Fountain with Ice - Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Dr. Pepper and Water.

  • Large Glass Door Coolers - Keeps your drinks nice and cold.

  • Photo area - Located in the locker room with photo backdrops that you can take pictures of yourselves, group photos, etc, to commemorate your wild night out. Just remember this is the only area inside the club other than in a private room where you can take pictures, we value everyone's privacy and we will protect that. So take those mild to wild photos, show off your sexy outfits or take some naked photos for your private collection or to share with your friends.

Guests are welcome to bring their own coolers with them to keep at their table. You may also use our two coolers that are located on the main floor to keep your drinks cold.

Lockers are for you to use so that you may store your clothes or other personal items. We provide lock and key on all of our lockers at no charge, there is a deposit of  $5 but you get your deposit back when you turn in our lock and key. These are on a first come first serve basis. 

We provide pens and information cards at the bar area so that you may exchange personal information with other couples that you meet.

Smoker's area
We only allow smoking in our smoking lounge located just off the game room. This is a enclosed area that provides tables, chairs, and ashtrays. This area is fully enclosed so you will not have to worry about the weather if it is raining and it is well ventilated. Smoking is not allowed anywhere else. 

The back area of the club also has an additional 6000 square foot area that includes the following.

  • Bedrooms - YKW has 8 private rooms including a Castle, Aquarium, Jungle, Vegas, 80's, Star Wars, Pin-Up room, and Military room, two rooms have a Plexiglas wall between them with blinds to let the each room see in if you wish or close them for privacy. Some bedrooms also have special sex furniture for you to use. You may also shut and lock the bedroom door for complete privacy, leave it open for people to come in the room and watch or leave it open and put up the chain so people can watch from the hallway but they cannot enter.

  • Fully Stocked Rooms - Every room in YKW is stocked with condoms, lube, wipes, paper towels, and extra sheets.

  • Back of the club attendant desk - We have a staff member located in a booth area at the back of the club to help keep an eye on things, they also assist club members with extra sheets for the rooms, extra condoms, toy attachments for the machines, and will answer questions you may have or help out members with any issues or problems that may come up.

  • Theater/orgy Room -  XXX movies, wall to wall beds, and a one way mirror to see into the theater room but you can't see out.

  • Huge Men & Women’s Bathroom - Each with a shower (we do not provide towels, you must bring your own).

  • 3 Gloryhole Rooms - For those that like to have anonymous fun.

  • 1 Female Gloryhole Room - We don't want to leave the ladies out of the fun.

  • 2 Sybian Vibrator Rooms - It's like your vibrator on steroids, attachments are located at the back attendant desk.

  • Sex Machine Room - Provides a trusting motion and adjustable to different heights and angles,attachments are located at the back attendant desk.

  • Trio Love Machine - Located in the Theater room, this machine uses 3 magic wands for 3 points of contact.

  • Love Swing Room -  Additional love swing located in the 80's room.

  • Exam Table - Located in the Aquarium room.

  • Couch seating.

  • Stripper pole that spins.


We provide most everything you need and all the setups at no extra charge including the following items.

  • Water

  • Soft drinks

  • Ice

  • Food

  • Snacks

  • Condoms

  • Lube

  • Wipes

We are also constantly trying to update the club from time to time and add new features for your enjoyment, so keep an eye out when you come back as you may see something new. 


Bring Your Own Beer - Limited to beer and wine products only, we do not have a liquor license so hard alcohol is not allowed. We check all bags, drinks, and coolers before you enter the main floor of the club.If we see you with hard alcohol we will ask you to remove it from the club. If ALE comes into the club to do a check (which they do from time to time) and finds you with hard alcohol it is a $286 fine for you and for the club. We know that some people do not like this rule but it is what we have to do to keep the club legal and to keep you from going to jail, please do not try to sneak liquor into the club as we do check your coolers and bags, we also do occasional pat downs. We have worked very hard to open a legal swingers club and do not want to be shut down because someone could not follow the rules. Bringing in liquor will get the club permanently shut down, so do not bring it, do not have it in your car and try to go out to your car and drink as that is illegal and if the police or an ALE agent sees you it will get you arrested. Anyone found with hard alcohol will risk being removed from the club and banned from coming back.


We are the largest "lifestyle" commercial club in North Carolina. We have our parties in our own private 12,000 square foot club, not in a house or hotel. 

Every new member is given a personal one on one tour of our club as soon as you enter the club. This way you are familiar with everything that we have to offer, know where everything is located, ask any personal questions that you may have in privacy, be made aware of all or our rules, and know who is on our staff so that you know who to go to if you have a problem. 

Absolutely NO pressure, no one is required to do anything that they do not wish to do. Great for new couples, soft swingers and experienced alike. 

Even though we do not have a dress code, we do suggest that you dress to impress. Only couples being M/F or F/F and single females may attend our Saturday parties. Couples may bring female guests with them as part of their group (F/M/F) or may also bring a male guest with them as part of their group (M/F/M). However, we only allow up to five couples to bring a single male. Any couple that would like to bring a male guest with them must make a reservation, either by email, text, or by phone, before 7pm Saturday. If you do not make a reservation with us when bringing another male (M/F/M) then it is $100 for that third male to enter without this reservation. The reason for this is to prevent single males hanging outside the club asking for couples to sign them in. Any male caught doing this will not be allowed in even if he is willing to pay the $100.

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