Where: 815 Shannon Drive, Fayetteville NC 28303
  Time: 8pm - 3am for VIP members
           9pm - 3am for basic members

Come dressed as a swashbuckling pirate, captain, deck hand, saucy wench, sexy pirate, or any other pirate character you can think of. Dressing up is encouraged but not required.

We are living up to the name of "booty hunt" with this party. Every couple and single female that would like to play, will receive a stick-on tattoo, on their body as they enter the door along with a treasure map. The map will have several different combinations of tattoos in which you must find, as you go around to everyone asking to see his or her tattoo, so that you can complete your map.

Once you have completed your map you will then see a member of staff so that they can check your map to make sure that everything is completed. If your map is correct, then you will be allowed to pick a combination out of a fish bowl and use that combination to see if it opens one of three treasure chests. If you have picked the right combination you should be able to open one of the treasure chests to discover what your treasure is. We will have a variety of different prizes and treasures, so good luck.

But you must be careful because the unexpected could happen and you may pick a cursed scroll instead of treasure. If you did not pick the right combination, then you will be able to pick another map to complete for another chance at picking the right combination for one of the treasure chests. 

  • You may change into your outfit after you arrive, we do have areas where you can change clothes.

  • We have lockers that you may use to store your things in, we provide the lock and key.

  • Dressing up is encouraged but not required.

  • Lap dances will be given at midnight for anyone that has a birthday or anniversary for the month of April. 

YKW is a member's only club and we average around 200 - 250 people every party.
If you do not have a YKW membership then click here to learn how to become a member.

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