If you're looking for a Swingers night on the town - keep these things in mind, and you won't go home disappointed! 

  • "Be a Part of the Atmosphere" - Get into the party, and don't be afraid to get a little wild! We've got the great music, and you brought the party attitude - don't be afraid to dive in! Dance a little and have some fun! 

  • "Clothing is Optional" - Feeling a little frisky? Don't be afraid to take it all off and show off your body. It is sure to turn you - and everyone else on! 

  • "Get Ready for Some PDA" - The party is always better with a little PDA! Whether it's a hot kiss at the bar, dancing on the pole, grinding on your partner on the dance floor, or a having a good time in the shadow  box - nothing is sexier than watching people make out and getting hot in front of everyone. 

  • "Use Discretion and Like It" - Turn the idea of being discrete into a thrill factor. The idea of being naughty can be a turn-on, and you should enjoy it! "Have you  ever wanted to fill up your spouse at a restaurant, club, or any other public setting but was afraid of getting caught or into trouble? Well at YKW you can do that if you get caught or someone sees you, it will be okay as they will most likely enjoy the show.

Remember the night is what you make of it, if you do not do anything then do not expect anything. Even if you do not hook up with someone as long as you have fun with your partner then you will have a good time.