The word single does not refer to your married status but to your trying to enter and attend the club on your own without a partner.

YKW is a lifestyle (Swinger) club and is geared towards couples, we are not a singles meet & greet.


We are not trying to be rude to the single men out there but unfortunately a lot of single men do not understand the "lifestyle" and think that just because this is a lifestyle club that every lady in the club is looking for anyone and everyone to have sex with, that is not the case or how this works. So please remember this club caters to couples, not singles but we do have nights were we do allow single men.


On Friday nights we do allow single men, most of the couples that attend are also looking for single men. This is why we have things set up so on Saturdays it is couples only as this night the couples that attend are only looking for other couples and on Friday it is couples looking for men. This is set up to increase your odds and give everyone a better experience, and not to try and say we do not want single men or that you are not welcome as that is not the case.

Friday Night = Single males are welcomed and allowed. We would love for you to visit us this night and hope you will have a great time.
Saturday Night = Couples and females only, no unescorted single men allowed. For more information about this see "Saturday info" below.

Freaky Friday:

This is on every Friday. - This is the night that couples and females who are looking for single men will attend.

Saturday info:
Please remember that most lifestyle clubs do not allow single men at all, YKW was one of the first clubs in NC to allow single men at our club and we try to make it affordable for most everyone. There are a few clubs in the nation that allow single men, Atlanta is one that is close to YKW and the club there charges $175 for a single male on Friday night and they do not allow single men on Saturdays.


Single males on their own, are not allowed to attend our club on Saturday nights. We will allow up to five couples to bring in one escorted single male with them on a Saturday night, so that there are no more than five escorted single males at any of our Saturday parties. The single male is charged just $30 plus $10 for a one year membership.


All couples that bring a single guy with them must make a reservation before the party starts. We will only allow up to five couples to bring in a single male and you must make a reservation with us either by email, text, or by phone no later than 7pm on Saturday. If you do not make a reservation and you bring a single male with you the single male will be charged $100 to enter the club, no exceptions. The reason for this is so that we do not have single guys just show up at the club, hang out in the parking area and ask couples that are attending if he can get in with them.


Also anyone that comes in with a couple that does not have a reservation, will be separated from the couple were we will then ask the couple if they know the single guy or if they picked him up in the parking lot. We will then explain to the couple that they are responsible for the single male, we take and hold all three of your ID's, put bands on all of your wrists, and tell the couple that if the single male messes up then the couple that signed him in will also risk losing their membership and being removed from the club. If that couple says they picked you up in the parking lot we will then let the couple go inside and enjoy the party and then escort the single male outside and ask him to leave the property.

We want to try to make all couples that attend our club happy and do understand that some couples like the occasional single male. However, we also understand that most couples want nothing to do with single males. Therefore we are trying to come up with a solution that we hope will make most couples happy. Our number one goal is to not have a single male wondering the club that does not understand the lifestyle, or the rules and thinks that every women at YKW is looking for sex with just anyone, as this is not the case.

Single men found outside the club asking people to sign them in will not be allowed inside even if someone agrees to sign you in. If we find you outside asking people to sign you in we will ask you to leave and tell you that even if you find someone you will still not get in the club as we do not allow anyone to do this. The parking area outside the club is private property and registered with the Fayetteville Police, so if you refuse to leave we will have you arrested and removed from the property.

Additional Warning:
If you are married and coming to the club without your wife's knowledge or permission and she finds out that you have been here, decides she wants a divorce, hires a lawyer, then sends us a subpoena asking for your membership info and records, guess what?  I am sending them what they asked for since this is required by law and I am not putting the club or any of it members at risk due to something you thought you could get away with.

Further Information
Couples that bring a single male must arrive and leave together; couples may arrive before their single male but most importantly when you leave to go home that single male must leave with you. Please make sure that any single male that you bring to the club knows the club rules, as that single male is your guest and it is your membership that may get revoked if he gets into trouble. 

One last note, if you are a single male reading this please do not contact us and ask us to set you up with a couple. We will not under any circumstance do that, the couples that are bringing in single males should be someone that they already know or have screened themselves, and someone that they feel comfortable with.