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  • Please make sure that you bring a valid picture ID - No one will be allowed in the club without showing a picture ID. Please note that we DO NOT make a copy of your ID or collect your personal information.

  • Please bring money to enter the club - Our parties are in a 14,500 sq ft commercial building so we do have expenses. Cash is best but we do take debit/credit cards for a $5 fee.

  • If you are a club member or once you become a club member always bring your membership card - If you do not bring your membership card with you it will take you longer to enter the club as we have to make sure when we find your membership information that you are the correct person. If your name was entered in our computer incorrectly we may not find you at all or it may take several long minutes, so please always bring your membership card once you have one.


You must be a member to attend and enter the club. We accept cash or debit/credit cards, there is a $5 fee to use credit or debit cards. 

Under North Carolina state law we are required to charge a membership fee every year in order for us to be considered a private member only social club. In order to help offset that charge we do offer all new members a $10 off coupon for their first visit which you can find here



  • Basic Membership - $10 per couple or single, membership is good for one year.

  • VIP Membership - $40 per couple, membership is good for one year. VIP members are allowed to enter the club 1 hour early on Saturday nights and get every 4th party free.

Entry Fee

  • Couples Cost - Entrance fee to YKW is $40 per couple (m/f), not $40 per person.  Couples do not have to be married.


  • Couples With Single Male (With Reservations) - $40 for the couple and $30 for the escorted single male. However, this is only if the couple made a reservation and informed us by phone, text, or email before the party starts that they are bringing a single male and provides all three first names. 


  • Couples With Single Male (No Reservations) - $40 for the couple and $100 for the escorted single male that is with the couple that did not make a reservation. 


  • Females - $5 for single ladies. Single ladies may either be by themselves, with another couple, or as a f/f couple. 


  • Males by themselves - Not allowed on Saturday night, they are allowed on Friday night. Single men (meaning by yourself, not married or single) may not attend by themselves on our Saturday parties, for more information on this please see our single male policy. However, we do have a party every Friday of every month that we do allow males to enter the club by themselves.


Every new couple and single person will receive a personal one on one tour of the club so that you are familiar with the club and everything that we offer. We take the time to walk you through the entire club and personally show you around, this will also allow you the chance to ask any personal questions that you may have.  We will also go over all the rules with you so that you are familiar with everything and know what is and what is not allowed.


No, there is no pressure for you to do anything at all. If you like you can just sit back and watch everything that goes on without being involved. No one will pressure you to do anything. If you feel like you are being pressured to do something let a member of staff know about it so we can take care of things and help you out.

Every night we are open we have on average of 50 - 70 new couples that visit YKW and of those people about half have never been to a swingers club or had any experience in swinging and are just curious about it. You are not required to do anything and you are more than welcome to just sit back, watch, and get comfortable so that if and when you are ready to do something you can.


We have just 10 simple rules that we ask everyone to follow; here are just three of our rules, for a complete list of all the rules click here.

  • No photography allowed at the club - We do not allow any pictures to be taken at the club except in a designated area, so that we can protect everyone's identity. We understand that some people have very sensitive jobs and do not wish to have their picture taken to have them show up on the Internet. Please do not take any pictures inside the club, unless you are in a private room with the door shut and everyone in that room says you can take a picture or in our special photo area. If we see anyone taking pictures we will ask them to immediately erase the pictures and to remove their camera from the property.


  • No hard alcohol allowed - We are a BYOB party but limited to beer and wine products only, hard alcohol is not allowed because we do not a liquor license. We could get a liquor license but doing so would no longer allow anyone to BYOB and we want to keep your cost low. Plus ABC laws usually do not like liquor and nudity for some reason.


  • Nothing illegal - Do not bring anything that is illegal or do anything that is illegal. We have worked very hard to open a club like this in North Carolina and we do not want someone to do something illegal that will get us shut down. If we see you doing something that is illegal we will revoke your membership, ban you from the club and if needed call the police.


No, you will not be the only new couple/single at the club. On average, we have about 50 - 70 new couples every Saturday night and 40 - 60 single females.

We give all first time visitors to YKW a glow bracelet to wear. The glow bracelet is not to say you are new to the lifestyle but just to let other members know that it is your first time to YKW. This will hopefully encourage people to come talk to you and welcome you to the club. It lets staff and the club owners know who you are so that we can check on you during the night to make sure you're doing okay. Also it is a good ice breaker for you if you see another new couple that you're interested in you can approach them and to let them know it's your first time too and share something in common with them.


YKW does not have a strict dress code as we like to give everyone the freedom to dress the way they like. 

However we do suggest that you dress to impress, let's face it we are all here to make new friends. If you look like you have not recently taken a shower, worked outside in the hot sun all day, or rolled around in the mud with your clothes on you will most likely be sitting by yourself wondering why no one wants to talk to you.

We suggest that you either dress nicely, in club wear, sexy, slutty, casual, nude, or in one of our many themed night outfits.

We strongly suggest that at the very least you have good personal hygiene (take a shower, comb your hair, brush your teeth, etc.) Doing these things will greatly increase your chances of meeting other people and making new friends.

You are allowed to be as comfortable as you wish and dress anyway you would like. Some couples will leave their house dressed in one outfit and then change into something else when they arrive at the club. We also have lockers with lock and key that you may place your clothes in. Lockers are free to use but do require a deposit to ensure we get our lock and key back.

We also have different weekly parties and monthly theme parties that gives you the chance to wear something special and wear outfits that can only be worn here at YKW and nowhere else!


Nudity is allowed anywhere in the club so if you would like to express your freedom to be nude, feel free to do so.


If something is wrong or if you see something going on that you think is wrong, let us know. We cannot fix things if we do not know about it. 

We will not tell someone that is misbehaving that you told on them, we are glad to have extra eyes helping us see everything and want to reward your help, not make you feel ashamed or uncomfortable for your assistance. 

All our staff members are here to help you and if you tell a staff member something and do not get any help from them then come see me, Chris, If you have not meet me yet or cannont find me go to the front desk and ask to speak with me, they will hunt me down or know where I am. 

Please do not wait till the next day to tell us about a problem you had, let us know while you are still here so that we can try to fix the problem. We will keep your name out of it so that the other person will not know it was you that reported them.


You should not have anyone come up and try to touch you without your permission. If someone wants to touch you they should ask first, so please remember gentlemen, if a lady walks by you or is giving you a lap dance that does not give you the right to touch her, ask first.


We want to do everything that we can to make sure that your visit to our club is an enjoyable experience so that you will want to come back again and again. 

We hope that with each visit you will meet and make new friends, have some fun, and enjoy yourself to the fullest. We always take to heart and welcome any comments, suggestions, feedback, or ideas that anyone has and act upon these to improve everyone's experience. We hope this information helps you in your decision about visiting our club. 

Please feel free to email us 

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